Hot Yoga: Hot garbage?

A quick series on different types of fitness classes. 

“Ugh, I hate yoga.”

“I’m bad at yoga, I’m not flexible.”

“I never do yoga, it is so boring.”

“Why would I want to sweat with a bunch of strangers? That’s gross”

All valid concerns. If you go into hot yoga thinking its a Jane Fonda workout video, you will not be happy.


Yoga is suppose to be boring in a way…boredom is actually a good thing when sitting in class. The goal for many is to achieve the feeling of a blank slate. Some very serious and spiritual practitioners believe your mind should be full of mantras and hibbddy dibbity, but for your average person sitting in traffic on the way to the gym, worrying about the project due next week and thinking about the 33 loads of laundry to do and wondering if you remembered to pay your credit card bill and SHIT you forgot to book your flight to your cousin’s wedding so its going to cost 3 pints of blood now…

Maybe blank space is a good thing? I think so.

On to the subject of the heat. Lots of interesting opinions on the subject:

  1. “You burn more calories.” Not really, but your FitBit will tell you that because your heart rate goes up due to the sweat lodge you are in while trying to attempt bakasana… think sweaty armpits balancing on your knees while you stand on your hands.  
  2. “It is actually unhealthy.” Everything is unhealthy from some perspective, like running is bad for your knees or having a period could attract bears. 
  3. “You can sweat out all of your toxins.” If you believe a juice cleanse is healthy, you could use this in you soapbox spill at your annual PETA meting. 
  4. “It can cure hangover.” Nope, but you might ralph all over your neighbor if you try to get your zen on after a night of endless margaritas.

So those are the things I hear most often. My response is always, “just try it”, because it certainly isn’t going to hurt anyone. If you hate it you can put it in your blog. This guy was my favorite hater. What you will get out of a good class is a much deeper stretch than you will get pretty much anywhere else. We’re all basically just spaghetti noodles waiting on a hot yoga class. 


If you give it a fair shake you will feel more limber that before, and you will relax. If you get tired you get to lay down in corpse pose (yes, literally) and take a nap in a warm room that smells like a pachouli and lavender.

Why not?


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